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Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
1:13 pm
Thursday, November 15th, 2007
9:27 pm
Help the Children (Play DND)

There is a really innovative educator in the Bronx who using Dungeons and Dragons to teach special ed students, helping them improve reading skills, cooperation, problem solving and more.
The kids in the club live in an environment that seems to limit their potential. They see few people achieve much of anything. Their world is what exists in a few blocks around their apartment. D&D is a gateway to a bigger, better future. In less than a year, through gaming I've seen special education and general education students alike seek out the D&D manuals and novels, devouring each word as quickly as they could. Players tell their friends about our games, and each week more people come to my office asking to join. Blossoming artists are drawing scenes from their adventures and young writers are scribing tales that may one day become their own legends, told to a new generation of D&D players.

This may seem like a small, frivolous thing, but it isn't. Helping to secure these books for the kids in our Sci-Fi Club is a huge thing, and we need your help making it happen.

As a gamer since First Edition D&D, an avid supporter of education, and someone who helped start his high school's first RPG club back in 1982 I cannot help but encourage everyone to pass this on. If lots of people give just a few dollars the goal will be met in no time.

Go ahead, put the kids in a Dungeon!
Thursday, May 24th, 2007
7:53 pm
I have now spoken with Dudley and it is unanimous: Game Night will be Fridays, 7-11pm.

dial_m, you have two first level powers to choose, and three feats as well. You did not meet the prerequisite level fr two of the ones you picked and the others were from the wrong list (powers instead of feats). Sorry I did not check sooner.

maitrix, we need to get your character generated so I can start sewing together the subplots. ASAP, please

Doodler, we need to get you statted out ASAP, background is almost ironed out.

Looks like we are almost ready to start, I am going to shoot for two weeks from tomorrow......
7:01 pm
Cinematic Preview: Planejammer

This is a rewrite of the awesome cinematic preview for the Ghostjammer campaign that was active for awhile on the WOTC boards a few years ago. Since the original was quite inspired, and the idea would fit perfectly for us I have majorly rebooted it for our own camaign, apologies to the original author. Consider this your intro, people!

Roll Camera!

Longshot of an earth-like planet, hanging in wild space, with a deep voice-over; "Manifest. A planet that exists between this world and the next."

Panning shot across a busy space-dock on the rim of a giant crater. A hammership drifts over the camera. Cuts to inside a busy bar with ghosts and the living raising their mugs together. The voice-over continues; "A city where the living and the dead dwell in peace."

A rapid succession of shots, revealing a number of obviously evil characters. A Ba'atezu dramatically turns before his throne. A female snake-like creature rearing up to strike by torchlight. A group of charging Tanar'ri Blood War Troops. A mind-flayer emerging, tentacles thrashing, from the dark. The voice-over continues; "A place where evil cannot die."

Loud orchestral action-music begins, in the style of John Williams. A dandy with long black hair raises his fist in a war cry, echoed by the warriors behind him.

A giff, dressed like Lord Nelson, leads his mixed crew against the dwarves invading his ship.

Two bombards bear their broadsides across Wildspace and fire upon each other in a cloud of smoke.

A masked young female bard in a suede dress and short cape entrances a group of scro with her flute.

An overhead shot reveals a catfolk woman spreading her arms and leaping from some rigging out over the backdrop of wildspace.

A dwarven cleric in the regalia of the Temple of Ptah speaks as the music volume quiets; "Manifest sits on the gates to the after-life. He plans to destroy those gates."

With the volume returning as the music reaches a peak, the camera jump cuts to a psychic warrior using a purple crystal longsword to strike at a snake-like humanoid, who dodges backward.

The Lady of Pain floats through a street in Sigil as all flee from her path.

Zoom in close up of the catfolk's eyes with the reflection of an Arcane showing in them.

The camera speeds past the dragconic figurehead of a Shou Dragonship, revealing it's name; 'Takara-Bune'.

The masked bard gets thrown back through a dark cavern by a mind-flayer's CGI psi blast.

Panning shot across the rainbow ocean, revealing the frozen wall of a crystal sphere.

An up-scanning shot of the Psychic Warrior, with the camera pulling back to reveal his full height. The music quiets again and he speaks in a manly, Clint Eastwood voice; "A city of Ghosts?" He raises an eyebrow before flourishing and sheathing his purple crystal blade. "It's gonna get crowded."

The music explodes back to full volume, to a black screen bearing the ghostly blue words; "Next Summer"

The tempo of the music increases, as does the speed of the cuts.

Out of a giant metal shell creep the long liquid-metal tentacles of a squid like thing, which wrap around a galleon, somewhere in Wildspace.

A legion of ghosts charge through city streets, pouring through every building opening.

A black screen bearing the ghostly blue word; "Manifest"

A figure stands under an ice carved Stonehenge on a pluto-esque planet, throwing his arms skyward.

A longshot of an elven Man O War breaking in half and exploding, somewhere in Wildspace.

A black screen bearing the ghostly blue word; "All"

Through gaol bars the camera shows the dandy with his head hung, on a prison bed.

Deep inside a steamy engine room, a grey bearded dwarf removes his smoked-lens goggles and looks up at the camera.

A black screen bearing the ghostly blue word; "Your"

Panning shot across the Outlands, with the infinitely tall Spire in the distance.

Face shot of the masked bard and the psychic warrior running through collapsing caverns.

A black screen bearing the ghostly blue words; "Courage"

A far shot showing a single hammership hanging in Wildspace before innumerable red dragons. The camera pulls back to reveal the true scale of the dragon armada.

Slow motion action scene of the catfolk casting several spells to defeat numerous snake-like humanoid foes. The music is quiet so the dwarven cleric can be heard in a dramatic voice; "You're fighting for life itself, you cannot fail!"

The music suddenly climaxes as a large mist-shrouded ice-teroid crashes through a main mast and swallows up the camera, as a voice screams; "We're not gonna make it!"

A black screen. Heavy breathing can be heard after a brief pause.

Hunched below a cottage window is a small nervous looking gremlin who's breathing hard. Without warning a giant CGI badger crashes through the window baring it's teeth and claws, swallowing the camera one last time as the gremlin screams; "Daaah!"

A black screen. The words; "Planejammer: Geonomicon" appear in ghostly blue letters, that fade to be replaced with the words; "Coming Summer 2007". These words fade leaving the screen blank.
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